Choir Committee List

The St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Parish Choir affiliated to the Department of Sacred Music and Communications (DSMC) tries to organize, co-ordinate and equip the Parish for worship effectively.

Role of Choir in leading worship is to help our congregation sing together and experience the presence of God. Leading the congregation in hyms and prayers is absolutely essential for worship, since praise is much desired by God.

The three things a choir has to fulfill through its ministry to the congregation: Invite, Prepare and Lead the congregation in worship. The ultimate aim of every choir should be making the whole congregation a mega choir.

May God bless us all……

Office Bearers
Rev .George Yohannan President 39732763
Mr. Samuel Aniyan Choir Master 3775 7076
Mr. Shibu T Kunjumon Secretary 3920 4930
Mrs. Omana George Treasurer 3968 9436
Committee Members
Mr. James Baby Committee Member 39258093
Mrs. Animol Babu Committee Member 3519 1642
Mrs. Jinu Abey Committee Member 3592 1551
Mrs. Rachael Saji Committee Member 3958 7889
Mr. V A Chacko Committee Member 3605 0452
Edavaka Representative
Mr. Samuel Aniyan Edavaka Representative 3775 7076
Mr. Shibu Chacko Auditor 3775 4346
Choir Practice Timings
Regular Practice Weekly, Every Tuesday from 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm
Special Practices For Christmas Carol, Church Convention